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If you would like to move into your own home, but are having difficulty qualifying with a bank, we can help!

Our company specializes in providing homes that do not require bank financing. We are constantly buying homes in the Houston Texas and surrounding area and then selling those homes with Owner Financing to folks just like you.

If you’re looking for an Owner Finance home, simply tell us a little about yourself and what you’re looking, and we’ll send you a list of available homes for you to look at!

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The Oak Leaf Company​

Found your own house and need financing? Ask us, we might be able to help with that too. And, if we can’t, we’ll point you to the person who can! Give us a call today.

What sets us apart is the quality of our homes and fast closings. We are committed to making your experience a good one, because we’re not going anywhere and our reputation is very important to us.

Owner Financed Homes

Owner Financed Homes

Owner-financed homes, also known as seller financing, is a contractual agreement between the seller and buyer. It allows the buyer to gradually recompense instead of paying for the whole purchase price. Basically, the seller agrees to payment over time for a chance to sell the property. This is a great opportunity for potential buyers who cannot obtain loan from mortgage lenders or banks and for sellers who are having difficulty selling the property. Since it does not involve lenders, the overall terms are negotiable to benefit both the seller and buyer. It saves the latter from closing costs and provides the former with monthly cash flow with better returns. Read more about Owner Financed Homes

Depending on the owner, you might be able to put less than 20 percent down, which can help you get into a home faster and potentially even keep more cash in your pocket for emergencies.

If you’re a Texas buyer and are interested in purchasing a home, you must also be aware of the changes to the real estate market over the last decade. If you’re planning to owner finance your home, speak to us to learn more about the details. The Oak Leaf Company can help ensure that you manage your legal liabilities appropriately as you put your property on the market or purchase an owner financed home. Give us a call today.

Owner Financing Homes For Sale

Are you looking for owner financing homes for sale in Texas? The Oak Leaf Company has affordable homes for sale such as single family homes, investment property, and other wholesale properties for sale in Texas.

We have been selling vacant property for sale, distressed homes for sale in Texas for many years. We are also known as the most trusted distressed property seller with income properties for sale in Texas. Owner financing generally allows you to purchase a home, even when you do not currently qualify for a traditional mortgage. Read more about Owner Financing Homes For Sale

Owner Financing Homes For Sale

Why to buy owner-financed home in Texas?

Owner financing in our system offers following advantages:

Credit repair: Buying a home with owner financing in Texas can help you improve your credit score. Your regular payments will be factored in when credit rating agencies evaluate your credit score based on your monthly owner financing payments.

Overcome credit challenges: Foreign nationality, self-employment and identity theft are some of the reasons your mortgage application is rejected by conventional lenders. You can buy an Austin even if you are self-employed, a foreign national or a victim of identity theft. You should be able to arrange for a reasonably high down payment and show that you are a financially disciplined person. If you are looking for an owner financing home for sale, get in touch with us today!

Owner Financed Land

Buying land is a great investment, but when you’re not wealthy, it can be difficult to get on the land ownership ladder. Whether you want to buy land for recreation, building a home, hunting, agriculture, or as an investment, you are likely making a great choice.

What is Owner Financed Land?

Owner financed land (also called “seller financed” or “owner will carry”) is a form of land purchase where instead of getting a loan from the bank, you make payments directly to the seller until the loan is paid off. There are several advantages to you, as the buyer, of going the route of owner financed land.

Owner Financed Land

Things to consider when choosing your land

Owner financing in our system offers following advantages:

When choosing your land, you should first decide what main uses you’re looking for. If you would like to build a home, you should consider utilities and a building site. You’ll need access to electricity and water. You may have access to community water, or you may need groundwater to be able to drill a well. Flat clearings are also important for a building site. If you would like a property for recreation and hunting, water features such as ponds, lakes, or streams and a mixture of pastureland and trees can be best for supporting wildlife. While flat, open land can be best for agriculture or cattle. Once you know what you want to use your property for, contact us and let us help you find your land.

If you are looking for owner financed land in Texas, look no further than the properties available from The Oak Leaf Company. We have been selling owner financed land since 2015, and we work hard to make the process smooth, easy, and rewarding. Contact us today about your favorite piece of land.

House For Sale Owner Financing

Finding a place to settle and spread your family’s roots is key to feeling like a part of a community, and our team at The Oak Leaf Company knows Texas communities are one of a kind. Even if you believe that you don’t have the credit or means to own property, our owner-financing services make it possible for people from all walks of life to build their dreams on the property they choose.

Buying a home that’s for sale by owner won’t always mean savings for you. While the buyer will most likely save by not using a listing agent, it may introduce some problems into the home sale process.

As the buyer of the home, it’s up to you to inspect the property carefully and do your research to make a fair offer. Make sure to consult a professional realtor for help figuring out how to navigate any inspection problems that come up. Working with a real estate agent can protect you from overpaying for the home and running into problems with the purchase agreement and other documents. Find the perfect home or land with us without any hassle! Contact us today to learn more about our services. Read more about House For Sale Owner Financing

House For Sale Owner Financing
Owner Financed Homes Near Me

Owner Financed Homes Near Me

When a home purchase is financed by the owner, the owner assumes the lender’s role. Instead of receiving cash up front, the seller is paid monthly mortgage payments plus interest. Owner financing benefits the buyer because down payment and credit requirements are often more flexible. Finding an owner willing to finance a home can be a challenge, but you can improve your chances by following a few steps.

1. Talk to a real estate agent or broker. If you find a home that you are interested in, your agent can approach the listing agent to see if owner financing is a possibility. The agent might also know of a homeowner eager to sell and willing to explore creative financing options.

2. Check a public Multiple Listing Service site. Although most MLS sites are reserved for real estate agents, some counties offer public access. If owner financing is offered, it is typically mentioned in the “comments” section of a property.

3. Check real estate listings for homes for lease with an option to buy. With a lease option, you can buy a home at the end of the lease term if you qualify for a loan. Some sellers are willing to apply a percentage of your rent toward the down payment to help you save. If the seller wants to move the home fast, you can mention the possibility of owner financing.

4. Drive around areas you might be interested in living. Look for signs that say “House For Sale.” Contact these owners to see if they are interested in an owner financing deal.

5. Spread the word. Let your friends and family know you are looking to buy a home with owner financing. Search local classified ads online and in the newspaper for owner-financed deals. You can even post your own ad to reach potential sellers. Read more about Owner Financed Homes Near Me.

Are you ready to be a property owner? Get in touch with The Oak Leaf Company now.

Owner Financed Land Texas

Financing is a common question to ask about when you are considering buying property. It can be daunting and sometimes confusing, which is why we offer simplified, owner financed land in Texas. By offering financing in-house, our company is able to sell ranch properties at a lower cost per acre. In turn, this makes ranch ownership a more affordable proposition for our clients. It is just one more way we help our clients achieve their dream of owning the land where they can bring their dreams to life.

Financing is Fast & Flexible

Buying owner financed land in Texas means you don’t have to spend time haggling over sales prices, navigating bank paperwork, and negotiating interest rates. This saves time, money, and frustration. It is a straight forward transaction that is fast and simple to complete. Read more about Owner Financed Land Texas.

Owner Financed Land Texas

In addition to being fast, financing is flexible. There are no prepayment penalties and buyers may pay off their parcels as quickly as they desire. When you buy property from The Oak Leaf Company, you can choose to increase your monthly payment or make as many extra payments you choose. Over time, this strategy will reduce your interest payment by a considerable margin.

Land For Sale Owner Financing Texas

One of the biggest hassles of buying land, is when it comes time to pay. You find your dream property, only to find out the bank won’t give you a reasonable loan, and the dream dies.

Not with The Oak Leaf Company! We understand that you may not be able to afford to pay 100% of the price of a property right away. Since all of the land we sell is land we own, we are free to offer you easy owner financing! This saves you a great deal of hassle by not having to negotiate with the banks for financing. Even more, we do not even check your credit! Simply make a down payment on your land and start using it right away while making affordable monthly payments.

Either for ranching, hunting, recreation, or use as your home, rural land has continued to prove itself as a worthwhile investment over time. While the economy continues to leave us all wondering which way it will turn next, or what trends the market follows, one thing is for sure, rural property isn’t going anywhere. Our easily financed land for sale by owner moves fast! For any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Checkout our land for sale, and you can start living your dream today! Read more about Land For Sale Owner Financing Texas

Land For Sale Owner financing Texas

Owner Financing in Texas

Owner financing in Texas is an alternative way to finance the purchase of real estate as an alternative to traditional bank financing. In owner financing, the seller loans the money to the buyer and the buyer makes monthly payments to the seller, instead of a bank. These can be complicated and tricky. You can choose from a number of different owner financing options. Here are the most common arrangements.

Owner Financing in Texas

Owner Financing Options

  • Balloon loans with a term of five to 10 years are frequently recommended for seller financing. The idea is that after several years, the buyer should have enough equity and credit to refinance with a bank before the balloon payment is due.
  • With an all-inclusive mortgage, the seller finances the full balance minus the down payment and retains control over the promissory note.
  • If the buyer qualifies for partial bank financing, the seller can finance a junior mortgage on the balance. You will receive cash from the lender after closing. Be aware that you are accepting a lower repayment priority than the bank.
  • Usually, sellers that offer financing have already paid off their loans. If the property is mortgaged, a buyer could assume responsibility and make all future payments.
  • Since the housing bubble burst, Texas has frowned upon executory contracts, such as leases with a purchase option and land contracts. These options are risky, and they are governed by strict consumer-protection laws.

Disputes over owner financing agreements often involve complex, highly technical real estate laws and regulations. If you are involved in an owner financing dispute in Texas, you need a knowledgeable legal representative on your side.

Before you agree to financing, consult an attorney or realtors to protect yourself and your interests in the property. At The Oak Leaf Company, we are prepared to analyze your case and take immediate action to protect your rights and interests. To set up a free, no commitment review of your case, please give us a call today.

Owner Finance Contract Texas

Owner Finance Contract Texas

An owner finance contract is an agreement between a property owner and a buyer. The owner agrees to be the lender and the buyer agrees to purchase the property and repay the owner on an agreed upon schedule. The agreement is a written contract. This form of lending is referred to as owner carry-back financing and does not involve a bank or other lending institutions.

Benefits of an Owner Contract

A well written owner contract can benefit both the seller and buyer of a property. The buyer benefits because there are usually no loan origination fees and the interest rate can be negotiated. In addition, the buyer can benefit by negotiating a lower down payment, avoid costly mortgage insurance, and pay fewer fees associated with largest lenders and banks.

The seller can benefit from an owner contract because owner financing increases the number of potential buyers, which may lead to a higher selling price. In addition, once the contract is in place, the seller also has a steady residual income. Sellers can expect to collect anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of the total selling price up front, but this is negotiated during the creation of the agreement. A friend or family member may agree to little or no down payment and this is perfectly acceptable.

Owner Finance Home

If you’re tired of renting, and you want to own a home in Texas but your credit, lack of down payment, or income is holding you back from qualifying for a normal bank loan. We can help you!

In the past few years, banks have been very tight on their lending criteria. Most people who use a rent to own agreement want a few years to get ready to qualify. More info about Owner Finance Home.

Here are a few more reasons to consider owner finance home:

Owner Finance Home
  • No banks. As a buyer, getting a mortgage can be difficult if your financial situation doesn’t fit into the banks “requirements”. We make it easy without the banks!
  • Profit from home appreciation right away. Often, homes in Pensacola are worth more on the day of the purchase than the price that you’re paying! This can be huge money.
  • Move in fast. Since you don’t have to wait for a mortgage, you can often move in right away – and get started living a new life in the home of your dreams!

So don’t wait! We are an alternative to buying a home the traditional way. You do not need to have perfect credit and we offer payments to fit your budget. You are not renting the property or renting to own. You are buying it without the bank. Get started now by filling out our form.

Houses for Sale by Owner Finance

Houses for Sale by Owner Finance

Buying or selling a property is a very personal decision, and in some cases, a property owner may opt to sell the property directly, without the representation of a real estate agent. One may choose to buy a rural “for sale by owner” property for a number of reasons. The owner or buyer may feel that a direct transaction may provide greater privacy.

The owner may feel more comfortable showing their property in-person, and knowing who the potential buyer is. You may prefer a face-to-face transaction, without any intermediaries. The property may be outside the expertise of a conventional real estate agent. Our team of off-grid and property specialists are here to help you find the right place for a secure and sustainable future. Read more about Houses for Sale by Owner Finance

If you are looking for houses for sale in Houston, we have the best tools and services available that include searching the entire Texas. Take a look and then let our experienced The Oak Leaf Company go work for you!

Houses Financed By Owner

In this economy, there’s lots of reasons why a person may not be able to get a mortgage to get a house. We understand! In Houston, Texas, we have homes available for folks who need an owner financed home.

If you’re looking for an owner financed or seller financed home in the Houston area, we’d like to hear from you. As real estate investors, our goal is to solve real estate problems that conventional real estate solutions aren’t solving. We periodically have houses available that we can make available owner finance. You just need to tell us a little about yourself and what kind of property you’re looking, and we’ll send you a list of available homes for you to look at! Read more about Houses Financed By Owner

Houses Financed By Owner

Our goal is to find the perfect home with you. You’ll tour the home, review the costs, and decide if it’s right for you. If it is, we’ll finalize the deal, and you can move in. Otherwise, we’ll keep look for something that meets your need. We look forward to meeting you!

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