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Land For Sale Owner Financing Texas

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Land For Sale Owner Financing Texas

One of the biggest hassles of buying land, is when it comes time to pay. You find your dream property, only to find out the bank won’t give you a reasonable loan, and the dream dies.

Not with The Oak Leaf Company! We understand that you may not be able to afford to pay 100% of the price of a property right away. Since all of the land we sell is land we own, we are free to offer you easy owner financing! This saves you a great deal of hassle by not having to negotiate with the banks for financing. Even more, we do not even check your credit! Simply make a down payment on your land and start using it right away while making affordable monthly payments.

Land For Sale Owner Financing Texas

Either for ranching, hunting, recreation, or use as your home, rural land has continued to prove itself as a worthwhile investment over time. While the economy continues to leave us all wondering which way it will turn next, or what trends the market follows, one thing is for sure, rural property isn’t going anywhere.

Our easily financed land for sale by owner moves fast! For any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Checkout our land for sale, and you can start living your dream today!

Land For Sale Owner Financing Texas Near Me

Land For Sale Owner Financing Texas Near Me

Some vacant land investors prefer to do the legwork themselves: they drive around or comb through city records to find land owners who are selling in the area. Then they approach those land owners and make an offer, negotiate the offer, and then set up the paperwork to make the sale.

Unfortunately, this level of effort is time-consuming and can even be very expensive as you burn through a tank of gas trying to find properties available for purchase. And, you only get access to a few pieces of land that you happen to drive past. Learn about Owner Financing in Texas.

Fortunately, there’s another way to invest in land, and this is where we at The Oak Leaf Company have worked hard to position ourselves differently. We have become the experts in land investments, and land owners come to us because they want to sell their land quickly. There are several factors to be considered when buying land and we take care of all those factors.

With our reputation among land sellers, they send us their land investment opportunities all the time and we’ve built a pretty big list of land for investing.

Simply enter your information in the short info form below and we’ll give you access to our list of hundreds of land investments right here in your area.

Land For Sale Owner Financing Houston Texas

 Owner financing is a faster way to close a deal. The problem with banks is that you have to go through a lot of red tape to prove income and assets. You have to wait for the loan officer to inspect, their legal team to process documents and approve them. This method may save you money as you do not have to give any bank fees and other costs that come with that, but make sure to compare the interest rates. The down payment arrangement will be flexible as you can negotiate with the sellers. This method comes in handy to those who are unable to secure a traditional mortgage from a bank.

Whether you are looking for a small ranch, hunting land, investment property, or a forever home site, The Oak Leaf Company offers the best land for sale in Houston, Texas. Our owner-financed land makes it easy and quick for you to own your own piece of land.

Our team is passionate about helping you buy recreational land for your use. Contact our land company to get started today!

Land For Sale Owner Financing Houston Texas

Owner Financed Land And Home

What if you could have all the best that life could offer, wrapped up in one beautiful lot in Houston, Texas? We’re talking about green hills as far as the eye can see, bubbling creeks, rushing rivers, and the sound of tree frogs every night as you sip sweet tea on your new front porch. Sounds great, if you don’t need the convenience of the city, right?

You’re just a small down payment away from living the life of your dreams. We’re here waiting for you, whenever you’re ready.

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase land and home in Houston, we strongly suggest considering owner financing. One of the biggest benefits of going with owner financing over bank financing is that the process, from start to finish, is much faster. The seller is looking to unload their land as quickly as possible and providing the financing for the buyer is one way to skip one of the most time consuming aspects of real estate.

Owner Financed Land And Home

They want to get the best price for their land and home, and you want to get the best piece of land for the price. When the seller and buyer work together, magical things can happen!

Your possibilities are quite literally endless when you purchase a piece of land and home in Houston. Maybe you’re looking to start a farm or build a few houses to keep your immediate family all in one place. Let us help you get started. We can answer any questions you may have about the pros and cons of buying land and home while also showing you some amazing properties that we already know are available for owner financing in the beautiful state of Texas.

How To Buy Owner Financed Land

1. View Our East Texas Properties

Many people begin the land-buying process by viewing our acreages for sale in Texas online. All of our properties are listed there, along with a map to their location and a survey of the tracts themselves. This will give you a good idea of how the property is laid out. On our website, we also have photos of the properties and a description, so you can learn more about what the property looks like and contains.

After visiting our website, you can give us a call or fill out our contact form. From there, we can set up a showing of our acreage for sale in Texas with you. We show all of the properties ourselves, by-passing realtors, which saves you money in the long run. We are more than happy to show you the entire property.

How To Buy Owner Financed Land

2. Fill Out An Application

If you have decided you are interested in buying land I Texas through owner financing, we’ll have you fill out an application. Sometimes a credit check is required; other times, it is not. Every situation and purchase is different, so we treat each application on a case-by-case basis. This is another advantage to buying owner-financed land in Texas. There are no hard and fast rules about who qualifies and who doesn’t. Many factors are involved in your approval of the land purchase besides your credit score.

3. Loan Terms

Similar to the approval process, each owner-financed loan will be different in order to meet the buyers’ needs. A down payment is required, but the amount varies. The terms will be agreed upon too, and we do our best to remain fair. Our passion is seeing you own land Texas, not price gouging.

4. Closing

Since you are investing in owner-financed land in Texas, your closing costs will be much lower than if you were going through a traditional bank. Typically, all we require out-of-pocket are a down payment and payment for recording fees.

5. Handing You the Reigns

Once the loan closing is complete, we’ll shake hands, and the land is yours! For many, this is a dream come true. You can begin to make plans to build a home on your vacant land, or set up stands in preparation for hunting season. The sky’s the limit when it comes to our recreational land use. Our partnership, however, doesn’t end. We’ll help you with any questions you might have in the future about the land, including logistical questions, such as who to contact to get water and electricity access, or questions about loan payments and payoffs. Our experienced team will help you every step of the way.

How To Sell Owner Financed Land

How To Sell Owner Financed Land

That land you own is just sitting there. Why not sell it? If you own it outright, you can even sweeten the deal for prospective buyers by selling it with owner financing. This eliminates the hassle for them because they don’t have to jump through the hoops a lender requires for a land loan. Make sure you protect yourself in the deal by having a fool-proof contract.

Finding Buyers

You want to sell the land and you want to finance it. Who better to approach than the owners of the neighboring land. A good approach is to remind them that developers can and do buy raw land, then go to the city/county and ask for new zoning to include the right to build a subdivision or strip mall. If the neighbor buys it, she can at least protect it from such activities, thereby, keeping her land peaceful and quiet.

If the neighbors don’t want it, or cannot afford it, there are realtors just like us – The Oak Company – who will handle the sale for you, even if you are doing an owner finance. However, if you prefer to keep every dime possible for yourself, you can also advertise the land on various sites and include your contact information. In writing the ad, be sure to post several photos and place the fact you are willing to finance at the top of the ad.

Once you decide to finance the land you are selling, the rest falls into place. Remember, neighbors are good to approach as buyers, be sure your contract includes everything important and you can always pay a consulting fee to a real estate agent for advice as you go through the process.

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