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Owner Financed Land

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Owner Financed Land

Buying land is a great investment, but when you’re not wealthy, it can be difficult to get on the land ownership ladder. Whether you want to buy land for recreation, building a home, hunting, agriculture, or as an investment, you are likely making a great choice.

What is Owner Financed Land?

Owner financed land (also called “seller financed” or “owner will carry”) is a form of land purchase where instead of getting a loan from the bank, you make payments directly to the seller until the loan is paid off. There are several advantages to you, as the buyer, of going the route of owner financed land.

Owner Financed Land

Things to consider when choosing your land

When choosing your land, you should first decide what main uses you’re looking for. If you would like to build a home, you should consider utilities and a building site. You’ll need access to electricity and water. You may have access to community water, or you may need groundwater to be able to drill a well. Flat clearings are also important for a building site. If you would like a property for recreation and hunting, water features such as ponds, lakes, or streams and a mixture of pastureland and trees can be best for supporting wildlife. While flat, open land can be best for agriculture or cattle.

If you are looking for owner financed land in Texas, look no further than the properties available from The Oak Leaf Company. We have been selling owner financed land since 2015, and we work hard to make the process smooth, easy, and rewarding. Contact us today about your favorite piece of land.

Owner Financed Land Near Me

Owner Financed Land Near Me

Regardless of what you plan to use it for, investing in land is a big decision. When banks and corporate lenders get involved the process can become pretty stressful. Luckily, owner financed land makes it easy to find the perfect parcel at the perfect price without all of the headaches and red tape. Here are the top four benefits of buying owner financed land in Texas:

1.Low Prices – When you lease land through a bank or other corporate entity, they typically attach a bunch of extra fees and costs for their services. But buying owner financed land doesn’t come with those additional price tags, because it’s just you and the owner settling on terms and costs that make financial sense.

2. Reduced Interest Rates – Banks are famous for their high interest rates for their services. It’s no different when you’re purchasing land. However, you can avoid these painful interest costs by finding owner financing with a fair interest rate you can actually afford.

3. Flexible Terms – Unlike banks who make you sign the dotted line on their terms, owner financed land typically offers a variety of options for your convenience. That means being able to choose different contract lengths, monthly payment amounts, and more!

4. No Credit Check Or Qualifications – Perhaps the best part about owner financed land is that almost anybody can qualify. This makes the dream of land ownership a very real possibility regardless of your credit score or tax bracket.

Remember, it’s still important to do your homework whenever you make a big investment. Make sure you thoroughly research the land you’re interested in before making your final decision. Learn about House For Sale Owner Financing

Make The Move

If you’re looking for an “owner financed land near me” in Houston, TX and ready to take the next step towards land ownership, we got everything you need to get started. So don’t keep putting it off until tomorrow, contact The Oak Leaf Company to become a land owner today!

Owner Financed Land Houston

Owner financing is a faster way to close a deal. The problem with banks is that you have to go through a lot of red tape to prove income and assets. You have to wait for the loan officer to inspect, their legal team to process documents and approve them. This method may save you money as you do not have to give any bank fees and other costs that come with that, but make sure to compare the interest rates. The down payment arrangement will be flexible as you can negotiate with the sellers. This method comes in handy to those who are unable to secure a traditional mortgage from a bank.

Whether you are looking for a small ranch, hunting land, investment property, or a forever home site, The Oak Leaf Company offers the best land for sale in Houston, Texas. Our owner-financed land makes it easy and quick for you to own your own piece of land. Our team is passionate about helping you buy recreational land for your use. Contact our land company to get started today!

Owner Financed Land Houston

Houston Owner Financed Land

Buying land in Texas is pretty straightforward when you choose owner financing. The process is simplified, cutting a lot of the red tape, and there aren’t as many hands in the pot taking their cut of the deal.

The Oak Leaf Company is proud to be able to help people own a little slice of heaven by buying land in Houston, Texas. We offer many different sized tracts of land in Texas, as well as different locations and terrain. This allows us to offer property for sale in Texas that will suit most people’s tastes. We are available to answer your questions and explain the buying process more in depth, if you wish. However, once you see these beautiful properties for sale in Texas, you’ll fall in love.

Houston Owner Financed Land

Most of our Houston owner financed land for sale are larger tracts of land that have been divided, so our tracts have never been previously available. This affords you a unique opportunity to own vacant land in Texas that not many others have before. From farms and cattle to hunting and recreation, our owner-financed land for sale offers something for everyone. Contact us to get started today!

How To Find Owner Financed Land

When you are looking for creative financing options that will allow you to afford that piece of Texas property you’ve always wanted, owner financing is a great solution. Owner financing, where the seller finances the sale of the land, is something that allows you to make payments directly to the seller rather than to the bank. Getting a loan from a bank is not always an option for those of us with less than ideal credit, multiple outstanding loans, or smaller amounts of capital available for down payments. Owner financing flexibility can put land acquisition within the reach of some people who wouldn’t have been able to get it any other way.

How To Find Owner Financed Land

However, when you start looking for property that is “owner will carry,” “seller financed,” or “owner financed,” it can be easier said than done.

Most landowners need the lump sum from their sale to be able to buy their next property. Few people are well enough off to receive your payments in monthly installments rather than in one lump sum.

The easiest way to find the owner financed land of your dreams is to get in touch with The Oak Leaf Company. We offer tracts of land of many sizes in communities across the state of Texas, and you should be able to find the perfect fit right there. Call us today.

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